The Art of Window Displays – why are they so effective?


by Shutterco

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Types of display windows

According to their architecture characteristics, display windows can be :

  • Closed windows (like a small room facing the audience only from the street)
Sales January 2010, “Shop”, Athens
  • Open-Back windows (these have no back wall but they may have side walls)
Christmas 2009, “Guru”, Milano
  • No window (when the whole front is exposed to the public, no door)
  • Angled window (angled back to the entry)
  • Arcade window (the door is set back from the windows)
  • Corner window (when the windows wrap around a corner)
Christmas 2009, “Boggi”, Milano
  • Showcase window (smaller display windows usually placed at the eye level)
March 2011, “Kultakello”, Helsinki
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Display window [disˈplā ˈwindō]

•  A display window (also called store window, shop window, or show window, storefront) is a window in a shop displaying merchandise for sale or otherwise designed to attract customers to the store. Usually, the term refers to larger windows in the front façade of the shop.

•  The front side of a retail store facing the street; usually contains display windows merchandising.

In the design dictionary “display window” is the development of a vocabulary of images in order to tell a story, as to promote the store’s merchandise in the best way following the rules of visual merchandising.

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Live your dream, don’t dream your life

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