Types of display windows

According to their architecture characteristics, display windows can be :

  • Closed windows (like a small room facing the audience only from the street)
Sales January 2010, “Shop”, Athens
  • Open-Back windows (these have no back wall but they may have side walls)
Christmas 2009, “Guru”, Milano
  • No window (when the whole front is exposed to the public, no door)
  • Angled window (angled back to the entry)
  • Arcade window (the door is set back from the windows)
  • Corner window (when the windows wrap around a corner)
Christmas 2009, “Boggi”, Milano
  • Showcase window (smaller display windows usually placed at the eye level)
March 2011, “Kultakello”, Helsinki
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2 Responses to Types of display windows

  1. Laura Bridges says:

    I need a material to block grid from being seen from outside retail window. What is best product to hide interior of store and can be used as backdrop for window display?

    • eyemazing says:

      Hello Laura, sorry for the delay.. Summer lasted more this year.. I think the best material is paper because it is economical and you can play with colours and prints. If you can hang (that would be great) you’ll have to place a heavy paper sheet or a weight on the edge. Otherwise you could dress panels. In that case you can use different panels so you have variety and commodity to change your display window since you can move them easier.. Have a look to our pinterest collection.
      I have chosen a backdrop window display for you: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/195625177537790774/

      I hope you found this helpful.

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