Display windows for “Simple Character” | watch out the sale signs

Address : 104 Ermou str, Athens

Shop type : women/men casual clothes

Display window type : Open – Back

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Concept : street signs “watch out the sale signs”

Period : January sales, 2010

The concept for these windows is inspired by road signs. The items used are handmade and they were created to resemble different road signs. Within the word “SALE” the S resembles a stop sign whereas the letters A, L and E as well as the “50%” sign were inspired but a group of yellow, triangular-shaped road signs.

The main colours used for this project are: yellow and red. These colours are traditionally used in both road signs as well as in retail (specifically during sales periods) in order to attract the attention of people who pass by the store.

The hanging signs are printed on both-sides because of the type of the display window which is an “open-back” window. This means that the back of the signs are visible to the shopper which means that the back of the display is equally as important as the front.


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