Store Design – Renovation

This is a study project/workshop at TEI of Athens, it’s a cooperation project developed during the period 2007-2008.

Design Brief :

Proposition of a design solution for the renovation of  the shoes-store “Petridis” turning into a women’s clothing store “Bliss” at Kolonaki district in Athens (Leventi’s and Anagnostopoulou Str.).


Photos of the existing store “Petridis”

Petridis | Anagnostopoulou str. | Display Windows
Petridis | Anagnostopoulou str. | Entrance
Petridis | Leventi str. | Windows Displays

The design schedule has the following minimum requirements :

– Visual Merchandising (store design)

– Office and Storage activity at the basement

– Cash Point (1)

– Dress Room (2)

– Display Windows (3) considering the level of the passenger as passing on Leventis str.

Design Solution :

The newly renovated and redesigned store is called “Bliss”. The merchandise that appears on the display windows on Leventi’s str. is being at the same time part of the merchandise that is exposed instore. This is achieved by the use of a long curved metallic track that crosses the store. The clothes are hanged on that metallic track creating a direct communication with the outside and the passer-by.

The door is slightly moved on the left giving the space for the second display window of the frontstore.


The color palette is based on pal colors, light pink and blue with ochre and flesh-coloured walls.


The rate between the activities of the actual shop in it’s actual dimensions is being shown at the schema below.


Plan of the store Bliss where you can see the three different levels in the store.


Photos of the store’s interior.


Entrance of the store showing the two Display Windows.


Photos of the Model.


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