Final Thesis (Graduation project)

Display windows in two big department stores in two european cities : Attica” in Athens and “LaRinascente” in Milano.

In order to apprehend the target group of each department store we went through a research for each department (history, type of retail, exposition ways, etc). The fact that those department stores were in two different cities of two different countries lead us to analyze the characteristics of each city, focusing more on the architecture and public transportation (urban system), the lifestyle of their citizens and tourists, the events and cultural background. After gathering all those from our own observation and research, we tried to approach each city’s special urban ID. We reached to a conclusion that Athens is a city more attached to the past while is taking small steps to become a modern city, chaotic and with fast pace and lively nightlife. On the other hand, Milano is a city of technology (represents new things) but keeps its one character especially around the center. Fashion and design are very important for that city which brought out a lot of designers and artists during the expo and the design weeks.

That “urban ID” is the basic concept for both department stores. So, Athens for Attica and Milano for LaRinascente. For each window we choose or got inspired from the characteristics of those urban IDs such as “traffic and the new museum of Acropolis” for Athens and “rain and the orange tram” for Milano among others.

We followed each department’s policy about visual merchandising and exposition ways. Attica has brand promotion displays for two of its windows and then follows a general concept/theme. While, LaRinascente has more often promotion displays for different companies. Usually two windows support one brand/new product of a brand.

Slogans and play on words is a finger-print for our design and some times all the idea is based on that game of the words and its metaphorical meaning.

Department store LaRINASCENTE

“I ♥ MI-lano”

“Shopping leads you to the center”

“Get tra(m)pped”

“Last supperitivo”


Department store ATTICA

“Move Green”

Shop window inspired from the athenian tram that uses new technologies in order to help the “green” environment, while the tram company is creating a lot of green areas along the tram way. Being on the tram you can also observe big chess boards, new activity for the city of Athens.

The color palette is focused on earth colors providing the green idea of that display.

The slogan “move green” instigate the watcher to use alternative ways for his daily transportation around the city that provide a less polluted environment such as the tram (car traffic is a big problem in the city of athens).

“Greeting from the Queen”

“Change of the guard”

“Color the grey”

“Laundry with a view”

“Cut the traffic”

“Become the front-page”

“Come to have a glass of ouzo”


2 Responses to Thesis

  1. Sharen says:

    beautiful drawings and interesting inspirations

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